Asphault Shingles

We specialize in Asphault shingle roofing. Most Residential rooves are covered in asphault shingles. They are an economical option for most homeowners. However, there are many things to know to install an asphault shingle roof correctly, including new building codes throughout wisconsin, ventillation best practices and more.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar Shakes are a very common roofing material that was installed for many years. However, Cedar Shake rooves can be some of the hardest rooves to replace due to the very large manual labor costs. Most contractors won’t touch cedar shakes. Not us, we can handle your asphault shingle roof, no matter what. Couple that with our Lifetime Guarantee and you can rest assured your roof will last!


Rubber rooves can handle the harshest wisconsin winters. When installed properly, they can keep a flat roof leak free for decades. We can identify leaks in rubber rooves and patch them in many cases. Sometimes the entire roof has to be re-done. We can do both.